Key Government Health Sector Achievements

Maternal and Child health


Reduction under-5 mortality rate

Reduction Infant mortality rate


Reduction in total fertility rate

Health care delivery

Reduction in maternal mortality


Improvement skilled delivery


Reduction in teenage pregnancy


Increased in healthcare financing


Increase in skilled health workforce

Lives saved by Ambulances since 2018

Medicines and Supplies

The National Medicines Supply Agency Act has been operationalised leading to the establishment of the National Medical Supplies Agency (NMSA), which has resulted in reduced stock-out of essential medicines and health commodities at the health facility level

Disease Prevention and Control

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation computerized the disease surveillance data reporting, moving away from the traditional paper-based format. This has earned Sierra Leone the status of the first country in Africa to fully transform its national disease surveillance system from paper-based to web-based electronic platform.

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From 2018 to 2021, the Ministry and partners rehabilitated and equipped 54 peripheral health units. Construction of 12 Peripheral Health Facilities and 2 hospitals. Constructions of 100-beds Hospital in Waterloo for Western Area Rural District in progress.

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Specialized Care

Sierra Leone now has improved government-provided specialised care including a fully functioning dialysis unit and state-of-the-art Tuberculosis (TB) laboratories with Gene-Xpert machines nationwide